RevCoupons Advertising PropellerAds Coupon Code: Is PropellerAds Free To Join?

PropellerAds Coupon Code: Is PropellerAds Free To Join?

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Do you want to display ads on your site and looking for a better alternative to Google AdSense?

Join PropellerAds for free and display ads to monetize your site traffic and earn commissions based on the CPM model. Look out for PropellerAds coupon codes to save on your next top-up. This coupon code applies only to the advertisers.


PropellerAds is an Adtech company providing powerful performance marketing solutions on a global scale. 

PropellerAds was founded back in 2011 with a huge reputation as the largest source of popunder traffic (still one of the largest).

The company is now one of the biggest alternative traffic sources with a 1 Billion+ monthly audience reach and thousands of daily launch campaigns across desktops and mobiles.

PropellerAds Features:

Global Coverage:

PropellerAds monetizes 100% of web traffic with its massive advertiser pool around the world. This means the ads in native languages in different parts of the world can be seen easily.

Clean and Risk-free Ads:

This is possible with the help of technology and manual automation. It monitors the quality of ads on the website. It is used to filter the ads from malware and obscene content and makes it risk-free for the user.

Publisher community:

It has an online publisher community that often meets up and shares ideas to help publishers grow their businesses.

Multiformat campaign:

Multiformat Campaign is a brand new feature presented by PropellerAds recently. This helps to grow the publishers and maximize their profit 3x times.

Interstitial Templates:

This is the feature in which you can be creative with a lot of creative templates available for you. You can make your website look more attractive.

  • Referring programme
  • Ad block bypass
  • Adsense compatible

How To Sign up At PropellerAds?

Step-1: Visit the PropellerAds official website.

Step-2: Click on Start and choose whether you want to register as a publisher or an advertiser.

Steo-3: If you click on the publisher option, you will be asked to provide some details about yourself and your website. Complete the registration and you will be logged in to your PropellerAds dashboard.

monetag publishers

Step-4: You can start monetizing your site by adding it to the dashboard. Ads will be displayed automatically and for every 1000 visitors, you will earn a commission.

If you sign up as an advertiser, you will get a bonus on your first top-up. Use the PropellerAds coupon code to sign up and avail of bonuses.

🌟 FAQs | Best PropellerAds Coupon Code

Is PropellerAds free?

Publishers can join the PropellerAds platform for free and monetize their site to earn commissions.

What ad formats are supported by PropellerAds?

Push notifications, in-page push, interstitial, and popunder are supported ad formats.

Which verticals are supported by PropellerAds?

At PropellerAds, you will find multiple verticals including mobile apps, utilities, software, lead generation, e-commerce, social, and finance.

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