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CSS Hero Coupon Codes: 30-Day Money-Back (Refund)

css hero coupon codes

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If you are looking for one of the best WordPress site customization plugins, then this might be the end of your search. CSS Hero is one of the best WordPress plugins out there to customize your site effortlessly. Test the plugin and save money with CSS Hero coupon codes.


CSS Hero is one of the best definitive WordPress plugins to easily customize the look of your themes and plugins with an easy-and-click interface. It easily allows you to change the color, font, text, and more.

It is a live WordPress Theme editor that works without modifying any of your theme files with no coding required. Its easy-to-grasp visual CSS editing interface will allow you to visually tweak your site, without harming performance & speed.

CSS Hero Features

Unsplash Integrations:

You can access unlimited sources of amazing, royalty-free high-quality images. Just search by keyword, select the image, and apply the background image as you want.

Mobile Customization:

This allows you to edit your website with your smartphone. You can preview the changes in real-time on your mobile phone.


This feature helps you to choose any type of font you want for the text. All the fonts are Google-supported. You can upload your custom fonts supported by the plugin. 

Video Backgrounds:

With this feature, you can make your page more appealing with a background video. A wide selection of free footage from Cover is available at your fingertips.

On-scroll Animations:

Make your WordPress site look more attractive and realistic with animations. The tool uses the AOS animation library which is lightweight and doesn’t affect the speed of your site.

HTML/CSS Inspector:

It is a built-in inspection tool that helps you to accurately analyze and target the right elements that you want to edit.

Live Javascript editor:

With this feature, it is possible now to add your JavaScript code and also to insert the popular libraries to your website. This can be done with the linting and rendering effect.

Sitewide Previews:

CSS edits help your project enhance the visual effect. You can change every single detail which can make your web page look more pleasant.

Color Palette generator:

No need to waste your time in selecting the color themes for your website. Once you are done with selecting the color it automatically helps you to set up the color which greatly matches. 

Error Proof Workflow:

Clarifying your mistake is much easier now, with the undo and redo options. CSS Hero also helps to keep track of all your edits in detail.

How to Avail CSS Hero Coupon Codes?

Step 1: The first step is to go to the official CSS Hero website by clicking on the coupon button.

Step 2: Now click on the ‘Get it now’ button, and you will be redirected to the pricing plan page.

Step 3: Now you have to select a plan according to your needs and click on the given plan.

Step 4: After clicking the “Signup and buy” you will be redirected to the account setup page, where you have to fill in all the details. After filling in the details like email address, username, and password, click on the ‘Proceed and choose a plan’ button.

Step 5: Your CSS Hero account is created. Now you can proceed with the payment by applying the CSS Hero coupon code and enjoy customizing your site as you want.

CSS Hero Pricing & Plans:

css hero coupon codes pricing

CSS Hero comes with four plans; Starter, Personal, Pro, and Lifetime Pro from which you can choose accordingly as per your needs.

  • Starter Plan: $29/year

This plan provides you with one year of product updates and installs on one website.

  • Personal Plan: $59/year

The Personal plan provides you with one year of product updates and supports up to 5 websites.

  • Pro Plan: $199/ year

With the Pro plan, you can install the plugin for up to 999 websites with one year of product updates.

  • Lifetime Pro Plan: $599 one-time

This plan provides you with lifetime product updates and installs on 999 websites for a lifetime and supports WP multisite.

Pros and Cons:

Pros 👍Cons 👎
Customize your website appearance without the bloat.Does not support all WordPress themes.
Point and click feature make it easy to edit your style right.Have to renew the license for updates if you choose the yearly plans.
Easy 30-day money-back guarantee.Priority support is only available with a lifetime plan.
User-friendly interface.No live support to handle the queries.
Easy undo and redo options.No free version is available.
Avoids typical CSS mistakes as compared to others.
No coding skills are required.
Lifetime updates and support are available.


CSS Hero is the best WordPress customization plugin that will make your site look more professional and attractive. It is a great and easy way to customize your website using JQuery and CSS3 without installing any third-party plugins.

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🌟 FAQs | CSS Hero Coupon Codes

Is CSS Hero worth it?

Yes, CSS Hero is worth your money. The best part of CSS Hero is, that it is affordable and the best WordPress plugin you can get as compared to others in the market.

Is CSS Hero good for beginners?

As per the user reviews who have used CSS Hero, the plugin is fairly easy to use.

Can I try CSS Hero for free?

As there’s no mention of the CSS Hero free trial on the official website, you can choose any plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How does the CSS Hero License work?

The use of CSS Hero depends on the number of licenses purchased by you. The activation steps are very simple, once you activate the plugin you will be asked to activate your license on your WordPress install.

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